Manage your entire convention
in one place

Project Boo is designed from the ground up to
let you run your convention with ease



Designed on a modular basis, all of Project Boo's features are available to you.
Choose which ones you want - change your mind later if you need to - and you're away.


Easily manage ticket inventories, categories, ticket types and sale dates - tickets go on sale automatically, with a countdown timer shown if they're not available yet.


Need to sell more than just tickets? Sell accommodation, merchandise, event tickets and more just as easily, with full inventory management, order control and payment tracking.

Bring and Buy

Project Boo makes running a bring and buy a cinch for sellers, buyers and staff alike with great features like multiple tills, payment via cash, card, or money you've made from sales.


Whether it's for tickets, extras, events or the Bring and Buy, get paid how you want - cash, cheque, bank transfer, or Paypal, Stripe or SumUp - directly into your convention's account.


With a built-in reception desk, you (or one of your helpers) can check people into your event with the scan of a barcode, and print out their name badges on demand at the click of a button.

Find a game

For gamers, make sure no-one's left out with our full-featured solution - gamers say what they're playing and when, and others can join in with the click of a button.


If you provide a centralised library for attendees to borrow from, be that boardgames or anything else, then it can be set up and administered through the platform with ease.


Big enough to have sponsors? Make sure they get their money's worth with prominent placement on your site and all outgoing emails, as well as full details of their offerings.


Need to let your convention-goers know who's who? The Team section allows you to put names to faces - and behind the scenes you can run a roster so everyone knows who's doing what, and when.


Delegation is the key to running smoothly - allow others to manage certain aspects of your convention to relieve the burden, all with complete oversight, full security and comprehensive auditing.


If you're not providing accommodation - or even if you are - you can point attendees in the direction of nearby hotels complete with all contact details, and directions, with complete ease.


If you're not laying on food, or if you are but want to give people choice, the restaurant section allows you to signpost attendees to local restaurants, complete with price ranges, contact details and more.


If you provide meals at your event, stave off hunger, and the same question being asked multiple times, by uploading the meal times, menus and prices (if applicable) for attendees to see.

Site plan

If your event takes place in a lot of rooms, or is spread out over a wide area, upload one or more site plans so that attendees can navigate themselves around it with the minimum of fuss.


If you run quizzes, talks, competitions, or anything else that has a specific time and that people can book onto, set up free or paid-for at-convention events with limited, or unlimited, availability, only bookable by those who've booked tickets to your event.

3rd party integration

Project Boo integrates into platforms like Mailchimp (for important emails and marketing) and Discord, and more integrations can be added if you come up with good ideas!

There are even more features than we've listed here, and we are constantly working to add functionality. So if there's something you think is missing, drop us a line to chat about it.


Our pricing is based on the size of your convention,
and is linked to the amount of support you are likely to need to help things run smoothly.

< 50 attendees/day

1 user

Full functionality

Free setup and on-boarding

Full online documentation

Email support

Chat support

0% commission
50 - 500 attendees/day

3 users

Full functionality

Free setup and on-boarding

Full online documentation

Email, chat & phone support

On-the-day support

3% commission
> 500 attendees/day

Unlimited users

Full functionality

Free setup and on-boarding

Full online documentation

Email, chat and phone support

On-the-day support

4% commission

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